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virtual data room providers

virtual data room providers

Virtual Data room providers

virtual data room providers

The business environment became so busy and fast-paced recently that the use of virtual data rooms is not a luxurious option for dealmakers, virtual data room providers (VDR) provide 24/7 access to all documents that dealmakers may want to view under a high level of security.

virtual data room providers

are online data rooms that compared to physical data rooms provide access to all parties of a deal without the need to travel and meet up in a single place.

Although The delay and inconvenience may ruin a lot of deals due to the delayed need of access.

VDRs come handy especially to cumbersome and time-consuming projects as M&A deals.

virtual data room providers

also used by a variety of consumers: banks, governments, biotech licensing, finance, real estate, legal, media, healthcare, etc.
With VDRs becoming a necessity in the business fields comes a large number of virtual data providers competing on offering the most secure, easy to use, decent room.
I will present a brief comparison between the different providers available on the ground. Many offer similar features as secure data management, data upload, and data share. However other functions may greatly vary.



virtual data room providers - ideal
virtual data room providersiDeals



one of the tops of virtual data room providers, been on the market since 2008 with more than 4000 customers worldwide.

it is one of the visual data room providers used by a variety of customers: real estate, biotech, finance.

iDeals especially come in handy in M&A deals.


It is one of the most amazing visual data room providers as it offers high security, requiring 8 permissions to access , Although It is also highly organized and proves to be great in file storage and has a decent navigation system which provides an ease in the search.

iDeals prove

Although it will be one of the best virtual data room providers and prove to be trustworthy.



virtual data room providers - Firmex
virtual data room providersFirmex


Firmex combines both the traits of huge VDR vendors and small startups.

The company claims to support over 75000 customers worldwide amongst are large companies as Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, E&Y and many representatives of large banks, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, etc.

Firmex boasts of being able to set up a virtual data room in a matter of hours unlike other companies which are more complex and the process may take up to days.


Although is designed user-friendly with drag and drops file uploads with no limit size to file upload.

It also opens on any device with internet connection making it easy to access.

but They also provide excellent customer service round the clock all days of the year, It takes no more than 15 minutes for customer service to pick up and no call transfers.

So this virtual data room providers proves best for merger and acquisition transactions.


virtual data room providers - Box
virtual data room providersBox Virtual Data Room

Box Virtual Data Room

Although VDR is not one of the main interests of Box, it is eminent in the field of data room providers due to its simplicity and resemblance to DropBox, yet it is used in sharing and storing personal files.
Unlike DropBox, Box offers a higher level of security that makes it feasible for business makers, Although
It takes a few minutes to set up a virtual data room in Box allowing you to communicate with partners around the world, in addition, it allows you to limit permissions to view and access the documents.


Although Box offers nothing special or appealing for large businesses, So it remains ideal for small business or individual consumers not involved in large companies.
The room “Box” lacks certain options required that facilitate M&A transactions and ensure multiple sided protection.Link:


virtual data room providers - intralinks
virtual data room providersIntralinks


its one of the oldest among data room providers, established in 1996 it has more than 20 years of experience, it claims to have worked with each of the companies in Fortune 100 and offers more than the VDR, It offers consulting services and training round the clock ,However, in addition, it mainly targets large companies as indicated by its high pricing.
The VDR, however, offers all that expected from a data room in addition to high security concerning data storage and exchange, also virtual data room providers.


virtual data room providers - Venue
virtual data room providers Donnelly Venue

RR Donnelley Venue

RR Donnelley, established in the 19th century in 1864.

Although it serves a variety of customers it mainly targets financial institution, The venue made to assist them in complex local and cross-national companies.

this guarantees a high level of security and all that expected from a data room, However, data room is most convenient for M&A deals.

When it comes to other types of deals, Venue does not seem a handy virtual data room providers.


virtual data room providers - ansarada
virtual data room providersAnsarada


Although is an Australian company established in 2005, and Since its start, it doesn’t satisfy a large sector of customers Also, it limits services to M&A transactions.

It limits its services to M&A transactions, Therefore the room doesn’t seem to be perfect for other types of deals: it is not convenient for long-term data storage and exchange.

Therefore Ansarada is a good virtual data room providers regarding individual consumers. Link:

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